evolution::day 9

Thursday, April 21, 2011

So, we looove fabric letters, especially when they are vintage inspired.  After seeing some sweet ones at Anthropologie, we stumbled upon this tutorial and decided to try to make one ourselves.  The hubs helped pick out the fabric and I did most of the leg work.  In most nursery decor you will see the letter(s) of the baby's name.  However, we decided to try and be sneaky [since we're keeping gal babe's name top secret].  So, we decided to fabric ::yes, just used fabric as a verb:: an O that will be a letter in part of a phrase incorporated with the collage we are fingers crossed going to be hanging in the next few days.  Are you confused yet?  Good.

Anyways, although it may not make sense now, this little girly O is just dying to meet you::

Much like Prudent Baby, ::see tutorial above:: I left the edges a bit raw.  I like the vintage vibe that the stragglies leave.

Oh, and I was so
up to my elbows in glue in the process that I didn't take any photos along the way.  I did start the project using fabric glue and decided that me + fabric glue = bad combination.  It takes way too long to dry and left one side of the O stained with wet marks.  Instead, I flipped the O and turned to my handy $1.99 glue gun and just put a bead of glue on the edge of the O and it worked just splendidly.  Speaking of the O, I searched high and low for a cardboard letter form and I am pretty sure they don't sell them in northern Illinois.  I resorted to two chip board O's from Hobby Lobby ($ .99 ea.) that I glued together for thickness.  And lest you think this pretty O came without organizational sacrifice, I did snap a photo of it's aftermath::

Here's what the O looks like against the gray walls::

Can't wait to see what it looks like in the whole collage ... and don't worry we'll keep you confused on what this whole pretty O is really trying to say.  Har, har.

Evolution::Day 10 coming soon.


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