evolution::day 8

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not to resurrect harsh feelings ... but remember that ten minute price discrepancy extravaganza over a $ .99 package of potpourri we spoke about yesterday?

Well, actually I bought three packages of said potpourri and put it to use in gal babe's nursery.  I know, babies + potpourri are a bit of an odd combination, but here's what I did::

I used some scrap fabric that I had lying around the house and simply cut square-ish pieces in a totally non-orderly fashion and filled the squares with potpourri.  Then I cut little strips of the same fabric and used them to tie up the square ends.

The hubs had let the dresser air out for nearly a week prior to it being placed in the nursery, but I wanted to freshen up the drawers before I began working on the fabric drawer liners ::details to come::.

It isn't a permanent solution, but after the hubs and I turned our noses up sniffed a handful of different drawer sachets ::predominately lavender:: that you could purchase for $5-10, this $3, 15 minutes solution worked better for us.  Plus, we thought the fabric was playful and soft and the smell is just delicious.

Oh, and by the time gal babe's actually arrives, the scent will probably have done it's magic and for the time being it is a super nice smell when you're in her room working or just kind of sitting.  Yes, we are those parents, who sometimes find ourselves sitting in there for awhile for no reason ... just waiting for her I guess!

Evolution::Day 9 tomorrow.


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