evolution::day 5

Friday, April 15, 2011

Annnd gal babes now has a place to lay her bitty head.  Last night we were crazy parents and stayed up until midnight working on gal babe's nursery.  Oh, the things we do for love. The hubs was in the garage for most of the evening working on her dresser ::can't wait to reveal:: and I was putzing around cleaning the hardwood among other things to prepare for the long awaited crib.  We say long awaited, because I think we had this crib [from JcPenny] picked out the week after we found out about gal babes.  We love the sleigh design and it is a convertible crib, meaning it converts into two different types of toddler beds, so it will last awhile.  It is actually much larger than we anticipated, but that just means it snags all the attention in the nursery, and we're okay with that.

Here's the hubs at 10:30PM pretending to be gal babes biting on the railing guards::

Gotta love a man with that much joy over his little girl, especially at 10:30PM.

Here's the fully assembled look::

Here's a bit more of  a whole room shot::

It is a bit too big to be placed where we were initially thinking, so once we reveal haul up the dresser, we'll have a better idea of room spacing.  For this morning, this is how she looks.

Oh, and the hubs was aghast that I (a)called our fur rugs she and (b)gave them the name furry in yesterday's post.  I did forget that he had taken the liberty to see them as one whole rug and jointly name them Mr. Polar Bear.  Please take my sarcastic heartfelt apology.  And I am pretty sure that it is going to be impossible for us to stop naming inanimate objects once gal babes is born like we'd hoped, durn.

Pssst... did you see the blind(ing) addition basking in the sunlight this morning?

Evolution::Day 6 tomorrow.


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