evolution::day 4

Thursday, April 14, 2011

So, there she + she is.  Yes, the rug reveal day has come and yes, there are two.  The hubs and I were in a pickle of sorts.  Not really a pickle, pickle, but we just couldn't find the right rug at the the right price.  Most humdrum okay rugs were running anywhere between $150 and $300.  We had a list of 'em and were narrowing down our choices when we came across these beauties.  Albeit, we in all honesty thought the price was way more beauteous than the rug itself at first. We initially were looking for more of a gray or cream solid shag rug, but saw these last weekend at IKEA for $19 a piece.  Yes, $19!  One wasn't quite big enough, so we bought two after reading about using rug tape to put two rugs together here awhile back.  Aside from the price, we weren't too sure about (a)the color or (b)the pattern.

Here's what it looked like::

Hmm, we loved (a)the color and (b)the pattern, but (c)totally weren't wild about the big seam where they joined in the middle.  What else is there to do, but to throw a couple of faux fur rugs down ($12 ea. at Ikea) in the middle to overly break things up a bit?  Ha, but really, that's what what we did and we love it!

We are going for a total soft and relaxing vibe for gal babe's nursery and so, although not for everyone, we love walking in there and just standing on the furry center.  It may also have to do with the fact that we have a lot of hardwood throughout the house, so any softness under the feet feels overly fabulous.  But, we're crazy about the set up anyway.  And the huge plus:: we spent a whopping total of $62 and we definitely love it way more than those humdrum shaggies.

Oh, and today happens to be twenty-five weeks.  I can hardly believe it!  Of course I had to take this weeks photo(s) while standing on aforementioned furry.

Here's a picture of just gal babe::

And here's the real shot::

[Too bad the hubs cut out most of furry.  Don't fret, I'm sure you'll be seeing her again soon].

Evolution::Day 5 tomorrow.


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