evolution::day 3

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Well, the walls are all painted! See, not so menacing now.  I have been playing around with some decorating, so for the sake of surprise I don't have a full room shot yet--har, har.

However, the hubs and I were stoked to have found these lined curtain panels at Target over the weekend.  We used the same curtain hardware from the original guest bedroom::purchased for $8.00 at ShopKo two years ago.  I was a bit worried that the weight of the new curtain panels would sag the rod, but they are holding up like champs.

Here's the hubs reinstalling the curtain rods and small shot of the gray...

And here's the final product...

The panels are a bit of a cream color with a subtle vine pattern, which mimics the rug ::reveal for another day::  I can't put all of our reveal eggs in one basket lest this evolution project post would be wholly boring, right?  Oh, and we are sooo happy with the color!

p.s.  Remember our ottomans from this post?  Well, there they sit basking in the sunlight Granite hue.

Evolution::Day 4 tomorrow.


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