evolution::day 11

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The collage reveal is alive and well annnd we lived to tell about it.  We had this idea mulling around for quite sometime after seeing these two amazing collages ::seen here and here::  We like to think of ourselves as a bit adventurous.  However, we learned something about ourselves.  When it comes to randomizing wall hangings, we prefer a smidge more order than we'd care to admit.  More on that later.

Remember that little girly O that you met here in evolution day nine?  Well, she served as the exact center of the collage.

After getting the O centered, the hubs meticulously measured two small shadow boxes equadistantly above and below the OOn a side note:: Ikea no longer sells these in white, so my fabulous wears the spray painter's hat in this relationship hubs spray painted these a close matching white to the other Ribba frames.

Next, the hubs measured out from the shadow boxes two inches to hang two 8" x 10" framed prints from GalerieAnais.  Anais' prints are absolutely adorable and totally worth checking out for future nursery decor purchases ... or if looking at  nursery decor is just your thing.

He then measured two inches from the larger prints and hung two 5" x 7" frames that are filled with two pieces of layered scrapbook paper.

The hubs then duplicated the above, but substituted two 4" x 6" frames for the 5" x 7" ones.

Here is the final look::

We loove how it turned out!  It is much less random than we were initially thinking ::back to the whole appreciating order thing::, see how you can fold it up like a taco right down the middle and it all lines up?  Buuut, we couldn't be happier.  We will apply the vinyl stickers that belong on the face of the shadow boxes that reveal that secret phrase we spoke about here once we get a bit closer to July 28th.  Until then, our lips are sealed.

Here's us super stoked::

Oh, and if you are wondering what will happen if gal babes accidentally kicks one of the frames while we are changing her, we are planning on adding a few strips of velcro to the bottom of the lower frames to keep them from falling on her. It's all about keeping our gal babes super safe.

Evolution::Day 12 coming soon.


  1. Looking so cute! You're doing such an amazing job.



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