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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Well.. this is officially my first time posting on this blog by myself... with a little help from the blogging guru.

As Heather has been saying there is a dresser reveal in store house <(That cross out is a trick I learned from Heather ;-) ).  Anyway, on to the topic at hand.  Last weekend Heather and I were looking diligently at dressers for Gal Babes' room.  We looked around the greater Rockford area and the results were fruitless.  We turned to the online world of Craigslist to search the burbs knowing we were going there the next day.   After some shopping, we decided to look at one of those craigslist dressers.  We viewed the $40 dresser with 11 drawers, an interesting paint job, and a missing drawer pull, and put it in Bill, the Durango, to take home.


Fast forward to this week... The work actually began on giving the dresser some much needed TLC.  On my first day off, I began to try to sand the dresser to get a smoother finish.  Well, it did not take much effort for the paint to gum up on the sand paper and back onto the dresser itself.  One step back and a little discouragement before making the executive decision...  The top was a wood veneer that had some damage to it.  Trying to cut out bad sections to fill, I noticed the wood under the veneer actually wasn't too bad.  The light bulb turned on and I ran with it.  I pulled all the veneer off the top to reveal the wood underneath, knowing that I had stain that very closely matched our hardwood floors.  With the bottom part of the dresser and the drawers we used some Rust-Oleum all purpose semi-gloss spray paint that closely matches the crib paint.


After much sanding to the top and now a light scuff to the bottom and drawers (Heather's great and helped sand the drawers after she got home), the painting began.  I sprayed all the drawers first, which took three light coats.  The dresser base took a few coats to cover as well.  Next came the dresser top.  Using the Cabot stain and polyurethane I began.



Well... only a few things were missing... the knobs.  Heather picked up some cool looking knobs from Hobby Lobby last week with hopes that I could pull this off.  I put 'em on and whala!!

Here is the before and after.


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