twenty two weeks.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Twenty two weeks and [she's] kickin'!

This photo was taken on a breezy evening. The combination of breezy and silky dress = gal babes looking ginormous.  She is weighing in a bit over a pound and is said to be the size of a spaghetti squash.  New this week, the hubs and I can feel her kickin'!  I am still convinced that she is a little peanut, but she is making her presence known [such, a girl].

First Public Recognition Story:: On our bitty adventure, the hubs and I spent one afternoon walking on the beach and decided to grab some ice cream.  I ordered a double scoop in a waffle cone and the lady behind the counter [in an aww type of manner] said, "Okay, especting?" You see, she didn't speak English all that well and I had no idea what she said.  When I replied, "Excuse me?" She, in a flustered/embarrassed matter said, "You have baby?" OH, "Yes, yes I am having a girl." I replied.  The ice cream lady was just delighted.

I got to thinking afterwards, did she really think I was pregnant or was she equating my double scoop in a waffle cone as some sort of eating for two instance substantiated by a burgeoning belly?  Either way, it made for a memorable first gal babes public recognition.

Next up:: first awkward, but undoubtedly endearing, strange female hand-on-belly moment.  Can't hardly wait.


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