Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The hubs and I recently discovered a pretty sweet pretzel deal at Woodmans [local/regional grocery store].  A ginormous box of regular Super Pretzels sets us back about nine dollars.  That averages out to 36¢ a delish pretzel.  We love 'em :: I mean we've had multiple occasions where we look at each other, simultaneously say pretzel time, and high five before proceeding to pop them in the microwave. 

Eeeek, pretzel dork alert.  

Anyways, over the weekend I stumbled upon this awesome sounding pepperoni pretzel recipe [find it here].  I threw all the ingredients into the bread maker and set it on the dough setting after getting home from work last night.  The dough took an hour and a half to cook/mix.  Meanwhile, the hubs and I took a quick lesson here [amen, youtube] and found ourselves expertly rolling pretzel dough and achieving attempting Auntie Anne perfection.  We topped most of the pretzels with Parmesan cheese and about six of them with sea salt :: nevermind the fact that we stole the sea salt from our Super Pretzel stash.   After the thirty minute rise, the pepperoni pretzels only took about ten minutes to bake.

It was soo fun!  I mean the whole process took about two and half hours, compared to two and half minutes, but it's the flour all over the floor first time pretzel making fun-with-the-hubs that counts.  We loved how they turned out :: entirely quirky and fun, oh and delish with some marinara dipping sauce!



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