Thursday, March 3, 2011

They say a gal's dreams become outrageously vivid when pregnant.  I'm afraid it's true for me :: and the hubs too! We have been having outlandish dreams nearly every night.  Kerry wakes up and writes notes on his dreams so that he can remember to tell me in the morning.  This past night's adventures inspired  a little photoshop-age fun.

The hubs dreamt that he was gingerly following an owl onto our roof in hopes of capturing a photo.  However, once close enough to capture, the owl started teetering off the roof as if he had no ability to fly.  I on the other hand had a dream that the hubs and I were playing doubles in tennis against two burly Spaniards, I wearing a gray ankle length skirt and being oh, seven months pregnant.  FYI, we lost.

This is one instance where I hope our dreams don't come true. I guess seeing an owl teetering off our roof would be pretty amazing, but spare me the burly men/skirt/doubles combo.


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