a bitty break in spring.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Whoops, it's been a bit, but we're still here!

The hubs and I took a bitty break in spring and headed down to the sunshine state for a few days.  And, boy was it sunny!  Within four hours of arriving, the sun had graced her presence upon us so much so that she evoked a trip for some a-natural aloe vera. Oh, how our ghostly Midwestern shoulders had been pining for such an occasion!

On our drive down we were thrilled to stop in Nashville and see our sweet friends Matt & Amanda.  Gosh, we miss these two sooo much.  We're keeping our fingers crossed that they have the opportunity to fulfill their dream of living in Chicago [aka: live a mere sixty minutes away!!] Until then, they are working on Amanda's new album ::follow their album adventures and check out their amazing-ness on Amanda's blog here::

The hubs and I were able to spend a lot of time with my grandparents [who live in the sunshine state fulltime]...poking our heads in and out of lil' babe stores, going for ridiculously gorgeous walks, and jump starting the hubs' swimming training [he is training for his first mini-triatholon!]. 

It just so happens that our great friends Matt [same spelling, different man] and Jacklynn happen to live an hour away from my grandparents.  We hadn't all been together in nearly three years, which is absolutely crazy to believe.  We had such a fantastic time catching up and it just so happens that Jacklynn is about 7.5 weeks ahead of me in the pregnant world.  They are also having a gal babe and naming her Norah Mae ::sooo love the old name resurgence:: Needless to say there was a lot of babe talk and I realized that I still have so much to learn before gal babes arrives.  Cannot wait for the day when Norah and gal babes can play house [okay, secretly hoping pink colored legos] together.

Oh, speaking of our lil' gal, we couldn't help but to pick up a little something for her nursery while we were out shopping with Matt and Jacklynn.  I saw him first, but the hubs named this rustic pale yellow birdie PeteyThink Lloyd and Harry, but don't worry this Petey has always been dead.  The name was immediately given, given this gesture compliments of my crazy hubs.

::I apologize in advance for the shoddy quality, as it was taken while blogging from the passenger seat.  If you were wondering if we also thought it was hilarious to be taking a petting a ceramic bird photo at 10:30PM in a moving vehicle, we did.::

Well, it was a fantastically quick road trip and now we're literally traveling back into reality.




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