babe shopping spree.

Friday, March 11, 2011

It has been twenty-four hours since we found out about our gal babes and we are still stoked.  We had been waiting to do any sort of shopping for our babe until we found out g/b.  That meant... shopping spree last night!

The hubs and I ventured to Target, Babies-R-Us, and Kohls.  Um, we are classic newbie parents, but loved every minute of trying to figure out what things were. 

Exhibit A: The package reads, Nipple Brush.  The hubs turns to me in a bit of disbelief. [first thought].  I reel in a few contextual clues [sippy cups, burp clothes, baby bottles...] baby bottles <-->nipples, perfect sense.  [right thought]. There were lots of laughs, no doubt.

Here's what we ended up with::gal babes first outfit.  We were going with a vintage-y, summer get-up.

First comfy outfits too!  We both really liked the green n' pink (3-6mo), but the hubs picked up the pink one (0-3mo) and couldn't put it back down.  This gal babe has him wrapped around her tiny finger already, ah love that man to pieces.  The hubs claimed the outfit for her first night at home.  See what it says?

That ended our first shopping spree, but no doubt she'll have a few pairs of rufflebutts and a handful of these, somebody pinch me, outrageously adorable headbands by the time she makes her grand entrance.

LOVE it and her.


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