snowed in.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Receiving word the night before a snow day is emanate that a)the factory has been closed (sorry fiber one fans) and b)odds are that there will be feet of snow outside your window when you awake is perhaps the greatest thing that can come from well, snow.  Kerry and I were somewhat thrilled to awake to snow--and lots of it! After determining that it was, for all logistical purposes, impossible for us to leave our house, we decided to be bummed and sulk take advantage of the opportunity to spend the day in pjs!  We made pancakes, ventured outside to check out the massive snow drifts, played monopoly (point heather), played scrabble (point heather), played sequence (two points kerry), played phase ten (point and victory, heather). Oh, and in the midst of it all we bundled up and went and played in the now 4.5 foot snow drift (thank yooou mr. plowman) at the end of driveway.  I reiterate, we weren't going anywhere--no complaining here though! Here's a few snapshots of the day!

P.S. If you've ever wondered...cisvirk is a word. 

meaning:: one has just creamed another in said board game.

Kudos to dad for coming out tonight to plow us out!


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