nursery colors::decided.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Well after much debate, paint samples galore, and the friendly input of others...we've decided on the nursery colors!

Gibraltar Gray will be the large accent wall color and Antique Silver will grace the other three walls.  We've decided to make the nursery in the room that we currently use as a guest bedroom--thus the bed and pug framed photo. <-the last of which may be not so sadly added to the garage sale pile.  We are stoked about the gray walls and more chic than infant color scheme we spoke of here.

Last night we picked up three gallons of Pittsburgh Paint from Menards (our fav), new rollers, and a roll of the infamous blue edging tape.  Now it's starting to feel like reality!

P.S.  We were able to hear babe numero uno's heartbeat today--love it!


  1. Using these colors leaves you lots of latitude for accents. Baby colors: pink, yellow, baby blue and light green.
    All will be winners.

  2. Ok

    Try again.

    The color choices are great! You have all four "baby" colors to use for accents.



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