in a moment of pregnancy weakness...

Monday, February 21, 2011

i bought new eye shadow.

This whole pregnancy world has truly been okay in my book, it was just that I was feeling a little, well plain.  My emerging babe belly isn't really bothering me, in fact I kinda love it.  So, I'm not entirely sure why I felt so plain jane, but alas I found myself staring at some of the new eye shadow offerings from Almay.  I admit, I am a total sucker when it comes to product advertising.  I had seen this specific eye shadow in a few new tele commercials and a new add in my durn Real Simple [just kidding love r.s. almost as much as my babe belly] reinforced it. I'm not one to give unsubstantiated shout outs, but Almay intense i-color you made me feel like a whole new woman today.

On the bright side, I guess indulging in a new eye shadow instead of that loaf of delish sounding italian garlic bread saved me oh, 1,000 calories or so.

Oh, pregnancy how I love thee.


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