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Sunday, February 20, 2011

we've spent more time at me nards than most part-time employees...
Oh, our door dilemma saga continues.  Pumped for a day of painting, we jumped out of bed yesterday with paintbrushes in hand.  We had picked up a gallon of Portland Gray [a Benjamin Moore Paint that we had matched to our favorite Pittsburgh Ultra].  Determined to complete the thirteen doors upstairs, we painted over Ash with the Portland Gray--see, a light gray cranberry is possible.  It took two coats x's three doors = six coats.  We loved the color, but hated the contrast with our already painted Cape Honey Flower semi-glossed trim.  Ah.

We definitely think it is artsy, but we felt it was turning our house into a circus of color.  Soooo, today we were forced to succumb to the typical.  It's okay, our innards have since stopped quaking.  We picked up two gallons of Cape Honey Flower semi-gloss [Pittsburgh Ultra] and painted the doors.  As an aside, it took three coats x's three doors = nine coats.

In review:

ash::six coats

portland gray::six coats

cape honey flower::nine coats

21 coats total. on three doors.  19 more doors to go.

updates to come...someday.


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