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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I have joked in the past weeks that I am just now more excited about the coming of our little bambino(a) than I am about designing/decorating their nursery.  Well, baby, you've won, but I am still stoked about your nursery!

Kewie and I are excited for this color palette.  However, we want to highlight (lowlight?) the gray tones more by painting the walls two complimentary shades of gray (more like what is pictured below).   At our first (of many to come) stops at Menards [kerry has me saying, me nards, something about stemming from boy jokes in elementary school...anyways]  last night, we picked up two little samples.  Gotta love 'em for $2.47 each!  Well, we are going to try 'em out and see what we think.  We tend to think of ourselves as over-the-top purple palette lovers, thus this whole gray thing is a big step out of our norm.

If it is a girl: We want to accent the room with hints of cranberry (surprise!) and yellow, and less green.

If it is a boy: We want to accent the room with hints of lime green and yellow (tribute to our beloved packers?  maybe.), and less cranberry.

Three cheers for the reason to decorate!!

photo credits: here and here.


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