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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When one has to succumb to the means of a day counter website, you know it has been too long [48 days to be exact].  Forgive me, I'm pregnant.

It's true!  Kerry and I are expecting our number one baby on [or around] July 28, 2011!  This has been cause for countless hold hands and jump up and down moments and of course a few freak out ones as well.

Now, I promise not to use pregnancy as an excuse all the time. But every once in a while it is just plain fun.

The recap of the last forty-eight days is as follows:

[surprise steines family at the annual steines family christmas. i promise this photo was not staged.  while the camera was on a timer, kerry gave his mom a creepy, porcelain dolly (could have planned a bit better for that one) and said, "gotta get ready for next year. kerry and heather are having a baby." yes, my father-in-law did scream.  the first question that came from my mother-in-law, "you're having a blond baby?" oh, i love surprises.]

[surprise florida family by buying last minute flights a few days before christmas. this picture doesn't do the event justice.  thank goodness we caught it on video (kerry's next editing adventure).  needless to say, there was a lot of confusion, which provoked hilarity.  in the end the grandparents figured it out, and the great grandparents, well they eventually got it. note to self: just because the picture frame says, "grandchildren complete the circle of love." doesn't mean the concept is easily understood in moments of excitement.]

[surprise three of my bests in chicago. oh, this took some strategery.  us gals had been throwing around the idea of flying corrie out to visit because flights were so reasonable.  i kinda of demanded (in a nice, subtle way) that corrie come out in january (say, how about mlk weekend?).  well, by nature i'm not the best liar (probably a good thing), but i totally lied through my teeth to these three and did a durn good job, if i do say so myself.  we spent the day in chicago and stayed right downtown.  in a moment where we were all sitting on the beds doing our girl thing, i handed them wrapped presents.  it was a picture frame (should have learned my lesson ^^), that had a picture of us all that read, "because you mean so much to my mom and dad.  i was just wondering if i could call you auntie?  love you already, baby steines." oh dear, for a variety of shortly inexplicable reasons it took far to long for them to get it.  again, hilarity.  we took this picture downtown the following day.  definitely rates as one of my favs.

Aside from the craziness above there was my lovely friend lindsey's wedding on New Year's Day.  It was sooo much fun being apart of her wedding.  Thank goodness I fit into my dress!  Lindsey got a bunch of my lies as well, even as she was zipping me up in my bridesmaid dress.  Lindsey, "Geez, you pregnant?" (the dress was tight), Heather, "Nope, apparently too many Christmas cookies."  Ha. Kerry and I told her and her brand new hubby late that night.  Their reaction was priceless!

This is one of my favorite pictures of them... see Lindsey and Aaron in the Christmas ornament?

I am thrilled to be back blogging again!  Oh the anticipated adventures of 2011, I can hardly stand it!

p.s. I have to send a shout out to my awesome friend Pam who knew before anyone above and kept her pinky promise to not tell a soul.  Love her.


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