the lyrics ...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

the lyrics speak

the lyrics move

the lyrics are

the heart.

If ever we find ourselves in our loft area, we are typically playing guitar together.  It is one of our favorite things.  Often,  we play music that we have written, and thus when we went to redecorate we wanted to incorporate a musical element into the decor.  I stumbled upon a neat, 30 year old dictionary at a thrift store in town.  Using Adobe Photoshop, I edited a treble clef tattoo [classy, right?] that I found online and added the text above.  Using a simple printer, I simply measured and printed the edited treble clef directly onto the dictionary page.  The cheesy side of me came out when deciding on the dictionary pages, so I found myself carefully tearing the lead sheets for the K,S,H 's [K=Kerry, S=Steines, H=Heather].  We then found some neat frames, and Kerry hung them.

Here's a close-up of the completed project.


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