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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A couple of weekends ago we heard a story that resonated with us then, and continues to echo through our hearts today.  A traveling pastor stopped by our church and at the close of his message on grace, he told a story of a simple man.

This simple man happened to be in the military.  One day, his brigade was traveling by boat and had lined up in their ranks for the day.  As the simple man stood in his ranks, he happened to look out across the water and see another boat in the distance.  He recognized the other boat.  Immediately breaking rank, he stumbled to the edge of the boat and proceeded to point to the distant boat and shout, “It is him, there he is, it is him, there he is.” His officer obviously surprised and disgruntled, reprimanded him and demanded an explanation.  The simple man ever so simply stated,
“It is him, there he is, he is the one who saved me.  Once, I was out on the water, and a horrible storm snuck up on me, my boat capsized, and was flung into the vast ocean.  That man rescued me, he saved my life.  I tried to give him something for his favor on my life, but all he asked was that if ever I saw him that I would make it known what he did for me.”

Wow.  What a great story.

This story of this simple man stands as a beautiful picture of what Christ did for us.

The burden of our heart has been to stumble to the edge of our circumstances [good & bad], point and shout, “It is Him, there He is, let me tell you what He has done for me.”
Here’s to breaking the world’s rank, and pointing and shouting about the one who saved us.


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