our first adventure in homemade winemaking.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

This past Saturday we found ourselves at Angelic Organic eclectic farm.  After the initial shock of the pastel colored barns and odd (even for us) yard decor, we parked and made our way to a funky workshop where we learned the art of wine making.  Okay, well at  the very least we wandered around the farm learning about wild grapes, leaves, and organic fruits that can be used for wine.  We did in fact have the opportunity to hand pick out three pounds of fruit from locally grown concord grapes, wild vine grapes, as well as an unidentified grape grown at McEachran Homestead.  The process: pick grapes, scrub grapes, remove stems, crush grapes, add water, boil two pounds of sugar + water, make yeast mixture, add sugar liquid + yeast + crushed grapes, stir daily for the next seven days. Today marks day two of our house smelling like a brewery (not such a bad thing).  Updates to come!

P.S. One highlight of the day was meeting a double bearded, double racked goat.  Seriously, amazing.


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